Monday, July 25, 2016

Uptown geese, downtown geese

Honk if you love geese! I saw this mating pair of Canada geese with their goslings on a lake next to my aunt's place uptown. We could see them from her living room window and every day we'd look to be sure they were there. There are signs up around the property instructing people not to feed the geese, but they get fed a little, anyway.

Above and below, the uptown geese and their five goslings feeding next to a small lake.

Downtown, at the Corning Preserve riverfront park, I saw a larger bunch of geese feeding on the grassy bank of the amphitheater that's built into the riverbank. There were no goslings in sight. The geese seemed indifferent to the pedestrians in the park. I made nearly a complete circle around them, staying on the paved walkways, of course.

Above and below, the downtown geese feeding on the banks of the Hudson River.


  1. HONK! Would that be a curious choice of flags on display?

  2. I always love hearing mention of the Hudson River!

  3. The goslings are adorable. Looks like the "uptown" geese were at the Crossings. Lovely park.

  4. potty, do you mean the flags in the third photo? The one in the middle is the US national flag, the blue flag on the left is the New York State flag, and the orange, white, and blue flag on the right is the City of Albany flag.

    judy, good! You might hear it again...

    kiwi, yes, very close. My aunt lives near the park.

    1. Sorry, poor eyesight and colour definition! Totally appropriate, thanks for the info, HONK!


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