Saturday, July 23, 2016

Geese on Washington Park Lake

I saw a lot of geese in Albany this time. Some had goslings, others were just feeding or swimming. Like these. I believe all the geese I saw were Canada geese. Most of the geese I encountered were relatively unafraid of humans and were hanging out in public areas with people around.

Canada geese on the lake with Madison Avenue and Albany's Park South neighborhood beyond.

I have no idea how the populations of geese in the northeast have fluctuated over the years, but I don't remember seeing so many on the ground before. I've always seen Canada geese during their migrations, flying in that distinctive V-formation far overhead. And I've heard them: honk! honk!


  1. I think year-round Canada Geese populations began to change/increase in the '80s. Yale Golf Course was a mine field of goose poop. Your photo, of course, make it all look perfectly picturesque. Gorgeous!

  2. I love to hear and watch geese fly. I think Canada geese have no problems with US immigration policy, we even allow them here in Alabama lol!

  3. mitch, that's about when I left the great northeast. The environmental clean-ups and the anti-DDT movements of the '60s and '70s were starting to have their effect. I remember when the Hudson was brown. Now it's blue and people fish in it!

    evelyn, lol! And they don't even need passports!

    judy, I was certainly lucky with the weather.


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