Friday, July 08, 2016

My kind of bar

Or, at least, I imagine it would be. It wasn't open when I walked by, but I like the idea: a champagne bar. The place is also a restaurant. By the way, sabrage is the word for that way of opening a champagne bottle with a sword, sabre being the word for sword. I wonder if they actually do that? It's such a waste of good champagne since a lot of the wine ends up on the floor. I have never sabré-d a bottle of bubbly.

A nice looking place opposite the Marché Bonsecours in Old Montréal.

We're having a heat wave! Finally, summer is upon us. It's not too hot, but the sun is out and it feels great. A little warm for sleeping upstairs, but the fan is working fine and helps a lot.


  1. I love the reflection. I hate the thought of wasting all that champagne. A chiringuito across the way is offering a free bottle of cava (our version of champagne) with a chair rental on the beach. I've been tempted, although sitting in the hot sun drinking champagne may not be the best idea. We've been experiencing humidity with our warm temps. Thank whoever for sea breezes!

  2. I like that image of bike-parking places like neat little soldiers all in a row. Was that in Montréal?

  3. mitch, I would probably fall asleep and wake up with a nasty sunburn! Do they have the same offer on cloudy days? Or do you even have cloudy days this time of year? ;)

    judy, I agree.

    emm, no, it was in Albany, NY, near my aunt's place.

  4. I like Champagne.
    I just learned if you drink wine with popcorn, champagne is the wine of choice.

  5. michael, champagne is often my wine of choice!


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