Monday, July 04, 2016

On the right track

This single rail line connects the mills at the eastern end of the Lachine Canal to the wharves in the Old Port of Montréal. I'm assuming it doesn't get used much these days.

Approaching Old Montréal from the waterfront.

The morning continued to be chilly with an occasional rain shower. Nothing drenching, just drizzle mostly. I felt right at home. The waterfront was very quiet; it was still early (not quite 10:00am) on a weekday morning and the attractions were not open yet. But I wanted something to eat.


  1. Another excellent photo. Maybe one of these days we'll fly through Montreal to get to New York and we can spend some time. Your photos have been an inspiration. (I'm just trying to figure out what the white backdrop is behind the buildings!)

  2. What an amazing difference in neighborhood, environment, and so on in just a relatively short distance. Usually we see that sort of thing in a flash, from a passing car, but to see it as you did, on foot, is eye-opening.

  3. mitch, I recognized it immediately; we often have the same backdrop here.

    judy, :)

    emm, walking does give you more time to look at things, that's for sure!


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