Friday, July 15, 2016

If you've seen one...'ve seen the mall. This is the Eaton shopping center in downtown Montréal. Nothing particularly spectacular, but there's something about this shot that I like. This atrium is connected to another multi-level shopping mall that was in the process of opening when I was there in May.

I'm standing on the Gallery Level, one floor above street level (Ste.-Catherine), which is above the Métro Level and the Restaurant Level at the bottom.

I can imagine these places buzzing with noon-time and evening shoppers, especially around the holidays. I wonder what they're like on weekends, though, when most of the office buildings that surround them are empty. I stopped into a humongous suburban shopping mall on my way out of Montréal the next day (there was a particular store that I wanted to go to) and it was as impressive in its horizontality as these are in their verticality.


  1. I hate to admit that I do enjoy a good shopping mall and I also enjoy these great views. The Mall of America in Minnesota, however, is way over the top for me and sets off a panic attack (although it's great for photos).

  2. Looking at that picture, on the LHS if you take the Metro Level , you can walk inside to reach the building where the French consulate is located ( it used to be at Place Ville Marie but they moved in 2008 - went for my citizenship interview at Place Ville Marie in August 2007 and got the citizenship at a ceremony in 2003 in the new location).
    Again looking on the LHS, taking the Metro level will get you in the building on the left of University street ( yesterday's picture).

  3. The "underground city" is one of the most outstanding feature of Montreal. It's HUGE! 32 kilometers of tunnels spread over 12 square kilometers.

  4. Oh, you and your great little plays on words :)

  5. mitch, I've not seen the MoA, except in photos, and I probably never will. I would likely have the same reaction.

    t.b. ah!

    jon, it is remarkable.

    judy, I do my best (or worst, as the case may be). ;)


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