Thursday, July 21, 2016


If you didn't know, Albany was founded as a Dutch settlement in 1609 when Henry Hudson sailed up the river that now bears his name as far as he could go. He met and traded with the local people, the Mohicans. Because of the city's Dutch history, a springtime tulip festival is held every year in Washington Park. I didn't attend the festival, but I did get down to the park to see the blooms after the festival closed. Here are a few of the flower beds I saw.

Each bed has a little sign that identifies the tulip variety. Most of the beds are concentrated in one area of the park. Curiously, they surround a statue of Moses parting the Red Sea striking the rock on Mount Horeb. Lordy Moses!


  1. Glorious tulips and photos. I guess you didn't know that, before the Dutch, Moses had settled Albany.

  2. Aren't they glorious, all? Some 35 years ago I went to the gardens at Keukenhof, Netherlands. The extent of the display beds was so vast as to be overwhelming, just too much to take it all in. It needs smaller samples such as you've given us to help really appreciate them. (I find the so-called 'Black Tulips' particularly mesmeric - as also the flame-coloured ones.)

  3. Weren't the tulips still in bloom the year that you got married in Albany? Was it this same park?

  4. Very nice and colourful pictures, Walt; certainly reminds me of the country where we used to live, since we've moved Downunder, 5 years ago :-)!

  5. mitch, so THAT's who parted the Hudson River...

    raybeard, it must have been something to see!

    judy, yes, and yes!

    jan, do you ever miss it? I suppose you don't have the same kind of winters in Perth...

    1. Been back twice, but I don't miss it, Walt. I prefer this climate. And mother nature shows her beauty on this side of the earth as well... :-)

  6. I needed to see something pretty today; merci, mon ami!

  7. I remember those tulips in that park when you were married- its 'so wonderful to see these photos.


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