Thursday, February 14, 2019

Bloomin' flowers

The winter cyclamen is in full bloom in our back yard right now. This year, the patches seem to have gotten bigger and the flowers more numerous. These "wild" cyclamen give us some nice color in the weeks before spring officially arrives. It won't be long before the primroses bloom. Vivement le printemps !

An early sign of the coming spring.

Lately, we had been noticing that the handle on the refrigerator door seemed loose. We both mentioned it to one another. Then, on Tuesday, SNAP! The handle just broke off in Ken's hand. Great. Now what? Well, I went on line and searched for pièces détachées réfrigérateur Beko (replacement parts for Beko refrigerator) and found a couple of sites. With the fridge's model number, I was able to locate a vendor who had the part in stock, placed an order, and it shipped later that afternoon. They say the new part will be delivered tomorrow. What a world!


  1. Very vivid colours. My 'outdoor' hyaciths have only just peeped greenly out. I won't go into the ongoing saga of replacement fittings between our ceramic lavatory and it's seat.

  2. Beautiful spring flowers! We've got the gardeners, here, today, trimming everything. It's amazing how much they can cut off and yet, there's still so much left! They've already filled the truck once and are waiting for it to return from wherever they empty it for the second load. Our next door neighbor will be very happy. He has a tiny yard and when our shrubs and trees get too high or full, he gets little to no sun. A couple of months ago, he asked if the gardeners were coming. I hear the saw, again, so I think the tree in front of my window is getting pruned. I hope so. I especially want the next the pigeon made last year removed so they don't return to it. It might not prevent them from building a new nest, but I can hope they won't. The cooing drove me crazy last summer.

  3. Yes, what a world. And, oh the flowers! The mention of primrose reminded me of our house in Glen Park. That's what the contractor had planted in the bed outside the front door. What a beautiful greeting when we moved in.

  4. I look forward to seeing your cyclamens and primroses every year. I wish they would grow outside my door here. We live in an amazing world of instant gratification. I'm surprised you could get that new handle so easily.

  5. I love these cyclamen! They are very fragrant, I think. The house plant cyclamen are not.

  6. Just like Amazon. I rarely have to wait more than three days for my order to arrive.

  7. potty, I'm worried that the tulip bulbs I planted have been eaten. I'm seeing no sign of them poking through. :(

    ellen, I love when the yard gets all tidied up, and when the pruning is done by the pros!

    mitch, great memories, indeed!

    evelyn, I'll probably post photos of the primroses when they bloom.

    thickethouse, I haven't noticed, but will have a sniff soon.

    diane, it's great for those of us who don't live in an area with a lot of shopping options.


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