Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tasha Tuesday

Here's Tasha last week on one of the "frosty paws" mornings we had. The cold doesn't bother her, though. Just look at that coat!

Maybe I should call her "Sandy Claws."

Although it's still winter, we've been having nice spring-like weather. Yesterday, we took advantage of the warm sunny morning to get started on a little spring cleaning. We emptied the dining room (not really it's own room, but we call it that anyway) and took the carpet out onto the deck so that we could clean the floor beneath it. There was enough sand under that rug to open a beach. That's what living with dogs will do. I vacuumed up the sand and then mopped the floor.

We hung the carpet (a 2m x 3m, about 6 x 9 feet, wool oriental) on the deck rail and Ken beat it with a broom. More sand. I vacuumed the carpet's top side out on the deck, brought it back in the house, and turned it over to vacuum the back side. When I turned it over again, I noticed that more sand had flowed onto the freshly cleaned floor. I vacuumed again and turned the carpet over once more. You guessed it: more sand. I repeated this a couple of times until most of the sand was out of the carpet.

Now the sand is gone and floor is clean. I look forward to doing the same with the living room carpet. Maybe next month.


  1. As usual, a gorgeous picture, Walt!

  2. Sandy paws lives at your place. Bravo on your rug cleaning!

  3. Wouldn't it be handy to have an appliance with a long hose that sucked up the sand and blew it back outside?

  4. I see you have found the secret of vacuuming rugs with dogs in the house. Lots of rug-flipping LOL.
    Lovely picture. It captures the cold and frosty feeling but promises warmth, too.

  5. jan, thanks!

    judy, hehe!

    evelyn, it felt good to get that done. It's been on the list for a while. ;)

    sillygirl, or a box I could put the dog in to de-sand her before she comes back in the house!

    spamwise, it was a pretty morning. :)

    emm, I was surprised at how much sand there was, but then, not surprised at the same time.

  6. Oh, you can’t fool me. There’s no such thing as Sandy Claws!


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