Saturday, July 04, 2020

Amber waves of grain

It's the Fourth of July, the national holiday of the USA. It sounds from the news reports that many celebrations are cancelled and that others will be more subdued than usual. But I'm sure there will be plenty of people willing to risk their own and others' health to party like it's any other year. Sigh.

The tall grasses in and around the vineyard are pretty, but they make walking difficult. They're often wet with dew and they're great places to pick up ticks.

France will face the same issue in ten days. I believe the government has scaled back the national event on the Champs-Elysées. But I'm sure there will be individuals and groups that will flout the recommendations for protection and prevention. It's human nature, I guess. I'm sure the health professionals are nervous about another opportunity for the virus to spread.

We'll be laying low, as usual.


  1. And fireworks at Mt. Rushmore... with no social distancing. I hear there's talk of adding an empty head to those already up there. "...And crowned thy good with brotherhood." But I love YOUR amber waves of grain.

    1. Standing side by side, and no masks for any of them. What a leader.

    2. Mount Rushmore is SO SPECTACULAR; to see it with all those people crowded together just makes me sick.
      Let's all hope and pray we don't have to see "his" face up there.
      I will be celebrating at home and maybe even watching HAMILTON on Disney streaming. I can do it for a free 7-day trial! You can, too! I always look forward to seeing the Champs-Elysée on the 14th. Most often I see people on the Paris streets in masks. Happy Fourth, to you all!

  2. Yes, I much prefer the amber waves in Saint Aignan too.

  3. Thanks for the amber waves.

  4. You are wise and taking good care of yourselves. I hate the way things have become politicized here, but beyond that, there are always people who will believe what the want to so they can do what they want to, science or not.

  5. spouse and I are at home. we will fire up the backyard grill later. just us and the cats, staying safe.

    unlike many many ignorant 2 weeks, we shall see what damage yesterday's dump shitshow caused.

  6. quite sensible to lay low !

  7. The amber waves are beautiful. People in my area are setting off (illegal) fireworks, and it sounds like mortar fire. I've never understood the national compulsion to celebrate independence from the British crown by blowing stuff up.

  8. mitch, there was one photo I saw on CNN's web site that showed him standing and posing so his head looked like it was beside the others. What a maroon.

    judy, no kidding!

    mary, we haven't done anything about looking into Disney+. I remember some publicity about it.

    bettyann, ha!

    evelyn, :)

    thickethouse, that's for sure. What we're doing is no guarantee, of course, but we try to follow the recommendations as they're made.

    anne marie, yup. I hope it's minimal, but some people can be so careless. Or just obstinate.

    michael, yup!

    emm, I like professional fireworks shows, but the individual fireworks make me nervous. They're loud and dangerous, I think. Some people around here do the same thing on the 14th. When I was a kid, I liked sparklers. I found some here one year and used them as candles on one of Ken's birthday cakes.


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