Monday, July 06, 2020


Our local Saturday market in Saint-Aignan has at least five produce vendors that I can think of. All of them have a nice variety of good-looking vegetables and fruits to offer. One of them is a local organic grower (and their prices reflect that). The others are vendors, likely buying their produce wholesale and reselling it at markets around the region.

Gorgeous and tasty tomatoes.

Even though it's not tomato season, the toms at the market are beautiful. They're probably grown in ideal and protected conditions, but they're still good. Nice and ripe and full of flavor. This past Saturday, I got a huge yellow tomato and two good sized "black" tomatoes. We ate the yellow tomato in a Caprese salad on Sunday. We haven't cut into the black toms yet but will soon, maybe for a tabbouleh-style salad, maybe on a pizza.


  1. Tomatoes are apparently in abundance here right now. We were at Restaurante Primavera the other night and the owner strongly encouraged us to have a dish with fresh tomatoes. He had gotten them that day from an organic grower and he said they were exquisite. We both obeyed. I had a seafood pasta dish and he was right about the tomatoes (and the entire dish... everything fresh that day).

  2. Hope you'll give us a photo of the interior of the 'black' tomatoes...and report on the flavor.

  3. Our tomatoes are ripening, already.

  4. Yesterday, I read up a little about "black tomatoes"! Yes, please show us the insides.

  5. mitch, sounds delicious! It's great to eat things that are in season, ripe, and fresh.

    sheila, I'll try!

    ellen, wow! Mine are just beginning to form fruit.

    judy, yes!

    mary, I plan to cut one up today for a pizza. I'll try to remember to snap a photo or two. :)

  6. The black stove metal makes this photo look like modern art '-)

  7. Will you be saving any of the seeds for next year? Just curious!


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