Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Dwarf beans

Also known as bush beans because they don't climb like pole beans. These are a variety of French dwarf beans called "Rudy." I planted them back in late May, now they're covered in blossoms. Beans are on their way!

These blossoms will soon turn into little beans.

There are two other bean varieties in this year's garden. Both are climbers, one is a yellow flat bean that I also grew last year, the other is purple bean called "Mélissa" that will look just like a standard green bean, only purple. It's flowering now, too, and little beans are forming. I'll try to get a photo of that one next. I think the blossoms are a pretty deep purple color.


  1. Many years ago I knew a man whose nickname was Bean Blossom. He wasn’t nearly as pretty as these flowers.

  2. mitch, tiny, but nice.

    bettyann, ha!

    evelyn, :)


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