Thursday, July 16, 2020

Pole beans

These are the climbing bean plants I mentioned yesterday. They're called "Mélissa." When the beans are mature, they'll look like green beans but will be a shade of purple similar to the stems in the photo. I've already seen tiny beans forming so I'm hopeful we'll have a good crop in the coming weeks.

Blossoms on the purple bean plants.

Wednesday was a damp day and not at all warm, but we're expecting summer to return in a day or two. Where have I heard that before?


  1. That photo! Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  2. My favorite color is purple, thanks!

  3. So pretty! We have a rattlesnake bean here that is a purple speckled green. When cooked it is a solid dark green and delicious.

  4. Beautiful close-up. I have trouble keeping still when I want a photo like that. Any tricks of the trade you care to share?

  5. mitch, and the little beans are starting to appear!

    bettyann, :)

    evelyn, I'm thinking that these purple beans will also go green when cooked.

    michael, thanks!

    judy, it's always exciting when things I plant actually grow!

    mary, use as fast a shutter speed as you can to minimize camera shake. If you're using an automatic mode, try switching to shutter priority and choose a fast speed. The aperture will take care of itself in that mode.


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