Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Summer time

This is one of the paths that Tasha and I take once we get to the bottom of the hill to our north. It winds along next to one of the streams that gets its start in the vineyards above then flows (when there's water) down to the river. Behind me in this photo is a wooden house that's rented out as a gîte (vacation rental), complete with a swimming pool. I didn't take a photo of it because it was occupied and the family was out enjoying the pool.

The stream bed is to the left in this photo. Wheat fields to the right.

We did get up over 30º yesterday and sleeping was a little difficult. But we have no humidity to speak of, thankfully. They're predicting we'll be in the mid 30s (mid 90s F) by the end of the week. Uh-oh.


  1. Our temps are rising but the humidity has remained about the same. Not as pleasant as it could be, but it's fine with your feet (at least) in the water. Just think, you wouldn't even have to pack the car, you could haul your travel gear down that path to the gite with the pool.

  2. What a lovely, shady place to walk.


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