Monday, July 20, 2020

Tomatoes from the market

Some, if not all, of the tomatoes I've been buying at the Saturday market are grown in Brittany. I'm thinking that they must be grown under cover (hot houses) to be protected from the coastal wind and chill, or they're grown well inland. Either way, the tomatoes are beautiful and they're full of flavor. While we wait for our own tomato crop to come in, these toms make for good eats.

The produce vendors at the market offer a variety of heirloom-type tomatoes each week.

We sliced one of the yellow tomatoes, called ananas (pineapple), for our grilled hamburgers on Sunday. Others will become Caprese salad with mozzarella cheese and basil. There are few things better than a fresh juicy tomato on a summer day.


  1. just catching up on all your recent veggie posts.

    we have an abundance of cukes (1 plant, 6-12 cukes harvested every few days), so we are taking our extras to a local food bank to feed the hungry. I hate wasting food.

    it's SO hot here; over 100F yesterday and today. no going out into the heat for us.

    hope you and ken and tasha and bert are safe and well.

  2. Compared to European tomatoes, ours are mostly awful. They are hard skinned for long travel distance and not sweet.

  3. I envy you these beautiful, flavorful tomatoes. Our grocery store varieties have no taste whatsoever.

  4. Those are beauties. I do wonder how they're grown. I agree that's not the climate for them.

  5. That photo of the tomatoes is a work of art! Nothing like a fresh summer tomato!

  6. I wonder...did the ananas variety of tomato have any taste of a pineapple or perhaps the name was derived from the yellow color?

  7. Highest forecast so far - 90+ today. I will be inside with my cat and computer!


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