Saturday, July 11, 2020

Back to summer

Friday was a lost day for outdoor work. It didn't rain much, but just enough to dampen (pun intended) any interest in cutting grass or otherwise working outside. And it was breezy and chilly. But today the clouds are gone and the temperature should be warming back up. That's the forecast, anyway.

The artichokes are flowering now.

So, I'm planning a market run this morning. The big poultry vendor has summer sausages called chipolatas and merguez made of poultry (rather than pork and lamb, respectively) that are good for grilling. Then I'll see what kind of tasty veggies I can find. Later this morning I want to mow the south 40. After that: lunch!


  1. The weather in Poland is very changeable too.

  2. That photo and the flower are gorgeous. Overcast here right now. We've had almost constant sun. I would love a good rain storm.

    1. I wish I could send you one of our daily storms, we have more than we need.

  3. You had a busy morning! Beautiful photo!

  4. just noticed the funny french name for honeysuckle

  5. Market and a pretty artichoke flower and grilling--summer is on!

  6. such marvelous food you eat there


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