Friday, July 24, 2020


I harvested our first beans on Thursday! The green and purple beans are producing now, and I'm hopeful that we'll have several harvests before they stop. I'm looking forward to tasting these. They're quite fine, French style. And I'm betting that the purple ones turn green when they're cooked.

Beans! Beans! Good for the heart...

After I walk Tasha this morning, I'm going to take a load of stuff to the déchetterie (dump and recycle center). We're trying to get rid of a lot of junk and clutter this summer. Ken made a run to the Emmaüs charity shop yesterday, so we've made a good start. We've accumulated a lot of stuff over seventeen years, and it's amazing how much we haven't touched in all that time. I still had suits from when I was working that never got unpacked after the move. And who convinced us that pleated pants for men was a good idea?


  1. The take away lesson from this is when I retire in 36 months and 7 days (not that I am counting or anything) I should toss the office clothes.

  2. They're beautiful. I was so disappointed to learn the purple ones turn green when they're cooked. I'd eat them raw.

    1. Bah, there are so many green beans, purple seem like a nice distraction! I agree, Mitchel and Judith!

  3. The purple ones are really good raw, and do indeed turn green when cooked.

  4. What a colorful photo! Yes, eat the purple beans raw.

    All the charity thrift stores here are being inundated with donations as I’m sure they are everywhere.

  5. purple string beans - who knew!

    I see you are following dr. spo's advice to clean out now.

  6. travel, well, maybe not all of them!

    mitch, they turned green, but it was a rich deep green, not vibrant like the others.

    judy, evely, chris, bettyann, we did eat a few raw just to taste them (no real difference) but then cooked the rest.

    anne marie, it's a good idea. I keep thinking that one of us may be faced with being alone in the future and it would be a huge and difficult job to do alone.

  7. how lovely!
    I used to grow purple beans; always good for supper invite.


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