Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Black tomato pizza

Some of my readers asked to see the inside of the tomates noires (black tomatoes) that I brought home from the market last weekend. On Tuesday, we made pizzas with one of them, so here it is. The tomato's skin has dark shades of red and green, but it looks like a regular red tomato on the inside.

The black tomato, revealed.

I sliced the tomato and arranged it on the pizza dough, then added lardons fumés (smoked bacon), chopped bell peppers, sliced mushrooms, and some brebis (sheeps' cheese) from Basque country. The pizzas were delicious!

One of our two fresh tomato and bacon pizzas from Tuesaday's lunch.

Today I plan to use the other black tomato in a three-grain salad made with couscous (not a grain, but it's made from wheat), quinoa, and bulgur, chopped zucchini (the first one from this year's garden), chopped cucumber, corn, cubes of mozzarella cheese, and some chopped mint.


  1. The pizza looks amazing.

  2. Black tomatoes... delicious. Never knew about them until we moved to Spain. Hope the salad is a success; I lost my place after "...made from wheat," found my place again at "chopped mint." Hope there are other good things in the middle.

  3. Thanks for the photo. I agree with Lori's comment. And, as always, such an excellent idea to make individual pies.

  4. That three-grain salad sounds delicious! Wish I could try it!

  5. Wish I could get a homemade pizza that looks like that around here!



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