Wednesday, July 29, 2020

One more from the woods

Storm damage. We avoid the woods when the wind is blowing strong. Branches break, trees topple. So on windy days we stick to the open vineyards for our walks. Better safe than sorry. Besides, when the woods are windy, they creak and crack and sound kind of haunted. Boo!

Broken and fallen branches littler the woods thanks to windy storms.

We're in for a few rather hot days. It only makes sense; we're moving toward August. This weekend is the major summer chassé-croisé (criss-cross) between people who take their vacations in July and are returning home and those who vacation in August and are heading out. Fortunately, we are not traveling and don't have to worry about traffic on the autoroutes.


  1. A walk in those woods could be deadly with all that old growth. What a magical spot. It remains warm and humid here and temps are expected to rise for the weekend. It would sure be nice if the humidity would drop at the same time. Right now, real feel is always at least 6 degrees Fahrenheit higher than actual temp. Ugh!

  2. It looks like a Hansel and Gretle forest. Wouldn’t want to be walking there after dark!

  3. mitch, we're lucky not to have much in the way of humidity when it's hot. I remember the DC days...

    bettyann, lots of critters come out at night.


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