Thursday, March 05, 2015

Early March sunrise

We seem to be entering a stretch of nice weather. Clear skies and warming temperatures are predicted through the weekend. Nice! One of our neighbors was out on Wednesday cutting his grass. I think it's still too early to do that; the ground is still very saturated and there are mole hills everywhere.

Looking northeast. The sun rises in the east-southeast this time of year, to the right of the frame.

The skies are pretty in the morning now, especially with today's full moon setting. Unfortunately, it's setting in a spot where I can't get a clear shot from the house with the camera. And I'm not adventurous enough to go outside with the tripod at six-thirty, especially with the temperature down close to freezing. Maybe next month. Or the one after that.


  1. "We seem to be entering a stretch of nice weather".... HUSH!!!

  2. We don't have mole hills here

    1. leon, and we don't have roos. :)

  3. We can wait for a full moon photo until next month, or the one after that. Thanks for all of your great photos over the years.

  4. Oooh, great shades of blue in this photo. I read somewhere the other day that the color blue was not part of anyone's language or descriptions of anything, in ancient times. Pretty interesting theory.
    By now, you must be out to lunch for Ken's special day -- hope it's great!

  5. Close to freezing! We should be so lucky to get as warm as that here. I never thought of France as a winter getaway from where we live, but it's starting to look good compared to our frozen tundra in Pennsylvania.

  6. I hope you two had a nice celebratory lunch today! Lovely snap.

  7. That is the nice thing about sunrises and sets: there will be others.


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