Saturday, March 07, 2015

What's on tv

It's Ted Danson! And his hair! Mr. Danson is a well-known American television actor who is also well-known for wearing a hairpiece since the early days. I remember him (and his toupee) most from his role as Sam Malone in the 1980s sitcom, "Cheers." Where everybody knows your mane. Rimshot.

Ted Danson stars in "CSI: Crime Scene Investigations" which is called "Les experts" in France and, starting this month, Patricia Arquette stars in the spinoff, "CSI: Cyber."

What not to watch this week. Our tv magazine rates shows and movies using a star system: one star is ok, four stars is best. They use another symbol for really bad movies: the red dot. It means "à zapper" (change the channel!). The editors often include comments about the movie that make me laugh.

I've been in France long enough that I don't really know anything about the "Fast and Furious" thing, although I've heard of it. I read on the internet that there have been seven films in the series since 2001. Who the heck is Bow Wow?

Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift. American/German action film. Directed by J. Lin. 2006.
With Lucas Black, Bow Wow, Sonny Chiba, and Brian Tee.
A young man, passionate about urban street racing, leaves California for Tokyo where he discovers drift racing.
This third installment, an unpleasantly stupid film, is even worse than the second one. There is absolutely no storyline.
Not for children under 10. 


  1. I hope that Mr. Danson realizes that if you deceive people about your lack of hair, there will be hell toupée.

    1. dean, you know I'm a sucker for a bad pun. I will repeat this one.

  2. I don't watch TV; I am not one to follow the celebrities. However, I admit I enjoy these entries. They make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud.

  3. Dean, I'm nominating you for the Nobel pun prize.


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