Monday, March 09, 2015

And the clouds rolled in

It happened over night. While I was sleeping. The sky covered over and there's no moon this morning. A quick check of the forecast shows all clouds for the next few days where yesterday it was all sun. Lovely. But no rain is predicted and it's expected to stay relatively warm.

A recent sunny morning (not today) with fog in the river valley.

I have no plan for what to get working on first while Ken is gone. On Sunday I moved the living room furniture and carpet and cleaned the floor. The spirit moved me. So we'll see what the spirit has in store today, other than tracking Ken's flight to the US on the internet.


  1. We clearly have different spirits. I have nary a one that moves me to clean. Anyway, nice pano.

  2. Those little white vans in the vineyards are such a familiar sight to us now.

  3. A post for you just because.

  4. stuart, well, somebody's got to do it...

    leon, they're everywhere.

    cheryl, ah, yes. His brother, Marvin, who lived in Schenectady, invented yellow mustard. He knew how to use the apostrophe. That's how we have, wait for it, French's Mustard!


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