Sunday, March 22, 2015

More primroses

I think the primroses are at their peak right now. They'll go on for a few more weeks, but I'm sure I'll be cutting the grass (and flowers) soon. I haven't done that yet because it's been wet and a little chilly, and on the few good days we've had I've been doing other outdoor things. But it won't be long now.

One red flower among the purple and white ones.

Yesterday I cooked a chicken. I poached it with aromatic vegetables and then finished it off in the oven to give it a little color. I ate some with glazed carrots and French fries for lunch. Yum. Today I'm thinking of making a macaroni and cheese type casserole with chunks of chicken in it.

Purple and blue flowers.


  1. We had a bed of primroses outside our front door in San Francisco (when we were neighbours). Beautiful!

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I have primroses along the side of the house but I can't get to them, my walker doesn't do well on the grass. I'll have to enjoy your primroses instead this year.

  3. Beautiful!
    Your cooking is inspiring.

  4. I just saw a yard full of these on my walk yesterday, and couldn't remember what they were called :)

  5. I have not seen the primroses around here. Yours are spectacular.

  6. I love seeing your primroses. I would love some here in Alabama but I've never seen any growing- they probably don't like our acid soil.

  7. Re your newsiness.....have just had to put two loads of washing through the dryer instead of on the line cos of rain. Sure sign that autumn (fall) is here. I prefer your cuckoo! Sue

  8. mitch, were they little rectangular planter beds made with bricks? I'm trying to remember...

    ron, you'll be out there soon!

    gosia, yes!

    chris, inspiring? One does get hungry.

    judy, primevères, en français.

    stuart, they just come up in the yard. The woman who sold us the house had planted them many, many years ago.

    evelyn, they are among the harbingers of spring.

    michael, thanks!

    sue, I'm looking forward to being able to hang the clothes out again. Very soon!


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