Saturday, March 14, 2015

What's on tv

This week our television magazine highlights one of my favorite genres: the documentary. The main article surveys a collection of this month's best docs, be they nature, science, sociology, or history programs. I'm looking forward to seeing some of these!

We get many American and British adventure shows masquerading as documentaries. Bleh. But there is some good stuff out there.

What not to watch this week. Our tv magazine rates shows and movies using a star system: one star is ok, four stars is best. They use another symbol for really bad movies: the red dot. It means "à zapper" (change the channel!). The editors often include comments about the movie that make me laugh.

This week we have a disaster of a disaster film: "Meteor Storm."

Meteor Storm. American made-for-tv movie. Directed by Tibor Takács, 2010.
With Kari Matchett, Michael Trucco, Kirsten Prout, and Brett Dier.
Meteors pound San Francisco. An astrophysicist is charged with dealing with the disaster while her husband directs the evacuation of the city's population.
The storyline offers nothing new, the special effects don't work, and the actors all seem to be wondering what they're doing in this film.
For adults and teenagers.


  1. That would be a fine movie for Lewis and me since we saw a giant meteor crater in Arizona a couple of days ago. It came in a speed that would carry you from LA to NYC in five minutes, plus it was quite large when it landed. Yikes!

  2. evelyn, that must be an impressive sight! Did you get to go down into the crater in addition to viewing from the rim?


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