Friday, March 27, 2015

Get that lizard

The lizards are coming out to play. It still seems a little cold, but I've seen a lizard or two on the rock walls and the sunny side of the house in recent days. Callie has seen them, too. She likes to flush them out of their hiding places in the rocks and chase them as they scurry away. It's fun to watch as she goes from spot to spot looking for lizards.

A lizard clings to the side of the house behind the rosemary bushes, hiding from Callie.

If I say the word "lizard" in front of Callie, she'll go into hunt mode, looking in all the familiar places trying to find one. And, if there's one, there must certainly be more. She actually caught a lizard once; it shed its tail, as they do, and got away.


  1. Lizard 1, Callie 0. I just noticed the Gendarme beetles mating photo. As a kid I asked why such beetles were joined together. Just having a piggy back ride was the answer. Less easy to explain by my parents was when I went running to them crying out, the dogs are stuck together. You have to help them.

  2. Oh yes, we called them soldier beetles.

  3. Well you captured that guy very well even if Callie didn't.

  4. I don't like lizards they are ugly

  5. We have geckos and lizards; our pooch ignores them.


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