Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rainy day

That's what we are expecting today, but it hasn't really started yet. It's dark (because of the hour change), windy, and overcast, but not very wet. A look at the radar shows the precipitation just to our north. And it's relatively warm at ten degrees (fifty fahrenheit). Film at eleven.

Rosemary beetles in the rosemary bushes.

I didn't know what kind of beetles these are, but they were messing around in the rosemary bush when I was taking pictures the other day. A quick internet search revealed them to be the common rosemary beetle (chrysolina americana) and are, surprisingly enough, found on rosemary, lavender, and thyme plants throughout western Europe from the Mediterranean basin to the British isles.


  1. Common Rosemary Beetle (Chrysolina americana).....
    And these two are in the process of making more!!
    These non-native invaders are death to Rosemary, and Lavender plantations....
    We had over one hundred on our one Rosemary bush last year...
    I know how many, because I counted as I squished'm...
    the birds don't like them, so they aren't any help...
    but I have noticed the chickens pecking at the Rosemary...
    and haven't.... yet.... seen any sign of that damned beetle...
    apparently chickens have a very poor sense of taste... GOOD!

  2. Well, it all makes for an attractive photo, at least ;)

  3. Walt,
    They look suspiciously like the potato beetle with is deadly to almost any plant they take host to. I don't like to kill living things but I will kill those beetles.


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