Monday, March 02, 2015

Fougasse en pizza

I planned to make some pizza dough one night this past week, but when it came time to do it, I didn't feel like it. So Ken decided to make une fougasse (focaccia bread) the next morning and dress it up with pizza toppings for lunch. His dough included herbs and olive oil and we topped it with tomato sauce, garlic, ham, mushrooms, and cheese.

It looks like a pizza, but it's not.

It was delicious! The bottom of the fougasse was crispy while the inside was tender. And the toppings turned it into a meal. It made a nice change from the pizza we usually make. Our plan was to have a green salad after, but the fougasse was so good that we ate the whole thing, then didn't have room for the salad. Oh well.

The dough was thicker than it looks in the photos, with a nice bready texture inside.


  1. Miam. It looks fantastic! Do you deliver?

  2. Oh, my heavens! I only have time for a quick look at your blog post this morning, but WOW, what a treat for the eyes!

  3. That does look very delicious.

  4. Who says it's not a pizza? In Italy they don't always make American style pizza dough for pizzas. This looks wonderful. Probably because I'm just on my way to lunch.

  5. stuart, from the oven to the table... does that count?

    travel, it was!

    judy, :)

    craig, it was tasty.

    kristi, it was more bready than a standard pizza, so closer to a Chicago-style pizza in US terms.


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