Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Compared with parsley, this herb is easy to grow. Well, I should say, it's not easy to kill. This sauge (sage) was already growing in the back yard when we bought the house twelve years ago. Since then I've trimmed it back every year and even taken cuttings and rooted them elsewhere. If anything, it grows too well. Like a weed.

Sage in the spring sunshine.

Right now the sage plants are coming back from winter. They never lose their leaves entirely, but spring is when the new growth occurs. As summer approaches they send up their purple flower spikes and then, with fall on the way, the leaves will be larger and broader than they are in the photo, and best for cooking. We use sage a lot with poultry and I add it to winter squash dishes, including my fall pumpkin raviolis.


  1. Walt, your close-up photos are always so good!

  2. Walt,
    Oh yes! Sage is one of my favorite herbs. I have several of these plants that come up every year. Your posting has reminded me that I have to cut back the dead growth from last year. And you're right, the bees love the little insignificant flowers on the sage plant.

  3. One of my favorite herbs, for the beautiful texture/color which you caught so well, and for the great culinary uses. There's an old saying that implies if you have sage in your garden you'll never have to die.

  4. Sage grows like a week in our garden, too. It's wonderful for the bees.


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