Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Big pines

Not far from the piney woods is this stand of very tall pine trees. You can't see it in the photo, but there's a paved road just in front of the trees that meets up with the dirt road that Callie and I usually walk in the morning. The intersection is toward the right, just outside the image.

Big pine trees among the grape vines.

Little signs of spring are popping up here and there. We have cyclamen blooming in the yard and the primroses are starting to flower. I can see buds fattening on the trees, although leaves are still a month or so away. Our weather is consistent with typical March weather so far; series of squalls called giboulées are moving through, although they're not yet very strong. In France, the March squalls are called les giboulées de mars. In the US (and the UK, I think), they're the same as what we call April showers.

Reminds me of a childhood riddle: If March winds bring April showers, and April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?


  1. happiness ;)

    We've got daffodil green tops poking through the ground, and little furry buds on the Star Magnolia trees... even though we've had temps down around 0°- 15°, with snow, several days since they've been coming up. I guess they'll survive it??

  2. Hi, Walt. The riddle is a classic, but doesn't translate well into French. Before you take your show on the road, might I suggest you purchase a bag of Carambar, study the riddles printed on the inside of the wrappers, and get some additional material? :-)

  3. I love the smell of pine! still snow on the ground, no spring flowers, no birdies, no nothing. only grapefruit league baseball.

  4. May flowers bring allergies. Yuck.


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