Tuesday, March 17, 2015


While our mornings are still chilly, the afternoons are getting nicer. I see daffodils in bloom all over, and the early-blooming trees are doing their thing. This is a plum tree on the corner of our property. Ken planted it from pits several years ago. The white blossoms are opening now.

Is it spring yet?

Yesterday afternoon I dug up some jerusalem artichokes and relocated them to a bed in front of our garden shed. Of course, I had to dig out the bed to prepare it for the new flowers, but it wasn't hard.The bed is difficult because it's far from the garden plots and doesn't get watered as often (because I have to remember to do it), so I need some plants there that will grow like weeds and be able to take some neglect. The sunflower-like jerusalem artichokes should fit the bill.


  1. love jerusalem artichokes (to eat) but rarely see em in grocery stores here and when I do they are ridiculously expensive

  2. You've capture Spring in this photo of the plum flower. Trees are flowering here now and I am still amazed at the beauty of it all.

  3. Oh boy! Blooming fruit trees! Such a great start to spring :)

  4. Lucky fellow to have daffodils.

  5. melinda, I like them, too, but what we have doesn't produce the edible tubers. May be a different variety, but I like the flowers.

    evelyn, it's a very nice time of year!

    judy, no kidding!

    michael, they lift one's spirits. :)

  6. What great detail in this shot! Bravo.

  7. What great detail in this shot! Bravo.


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