Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Can you guess where I'm going with this? We have two tall bushes of romarin (rosemary) growing against the south-facing wall of the house. They seem to thrive there. Early on, I had one growing out in one of the garden plots. It was a centerpiece and I had trimmed it into a topiary. Nothing complicated, just two balls of leaves on a single trunk. One hard freeze was all it took to kill it.

Our rosemary is flowering now.

That's why we put the new plants against the house. Rosemary likes the Mediterranean climate in the south of France; it's much warmer than our temperate climate. But if you treat it right, rosemary does fine where we live.


  1. Walt, you should have started this theme earlier....
    Ken's back now and you just won't have the thyme!!

  2. I planted a small rosemary bush here too when we did the garden and it's quite large now. I'm surprised by how well it's done this far north. Ours isn't in bloom at the moment so it should be following yours soon. Nice close up of the flowers.

  3. Rosemary is another favorite of mine Walt! Do you have curry also? Curry and oregano. Nice little flowers and the bees love them.

  4. i have had a pretty substantial plant for several yrs in the garden, but it looks pretty bad after this past winter, might have to replace

  5. Walt, I never saw it coming.

    Good one, Tim!

  6. gorgeous...I can smell the rosemary!!

  7. It looks to me like Tim beat you to your punchline! The plants are beautiful and bees agree, which makes me keep my distance.

  8. I once had a stick insect called Rosemary

    1. john, can one have a stick insect?

  9. I am trying to grow - again - a rosemary bush. something always goes wrong with them here.


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