Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Kitchen Collection [34]

This is a Special Edition of Kitchen Collection. The electricians completed the work on the kitchen yesterday. They were here from about 08:15h to 16:00h. Four guys in the morning and two in the afternoon, with about an hour and a half for lunch.

Above, the triple grounded outlets. Below, the double unit.

The result is that we no longer have extension cords and power strips strung around the kitchen to run our appliances. Instead, we have spiffy new grounded outlets actually built into the walls ! They also put an exhaust fan unit in the stove hood and re-wired that with an additional outlet.

They installed a dimmer switch in the dining room, and an outside light above the back door (photo below). They needed to add two new circuit breakers to the electrical box and run new wires through the utility room and garage which required a lot of drilling through concrete walls. Noisy, but well worth it. It's funny how little things like this can make such a difference in how you feel about a place. Whenever we make improvements, no matter how small or even invisible, we feel like we own the place just that much more, that we're doing something positive and adding value to the house.

The new configuration under the stove hood. Both the stove and the dishwasher fit under this hood which is why the exhaust fan is on the left-hand side. We decided to keep the florescent light for additional brightness.

So far we're very pleased with the result, although we really haven't yet had the chance to test out the exhaust fan to see how efficient it is. It's pretty powerful and has five speeds, so it should be ok. Oh, and while they were running wires they added a new grounded outlet to our entry room which is where Ken has his desk and computer, so that's a bonus improvement.

The only problem we've encountered is that the dimmer switch is so over-engineered that we're not sure how to work it properly. The instructions are seriously lacking in details. Ken even went online to see if there were additional instructions on the manufacturer's website, but they were the same cryptic notes we have on paper.

We may need the head electrician to come over and 'splain it to us.


  1. Those are some really cool looking outlets! Why are American outlets and such so boring looking?

  2. It is interesting how different countries use different styles for plugs and outlets. Britain uses something altogether different.

    French plugs are traditionally two-pronged, with round prongs. Now they have grounded plugs, but instead of a 3-pronged American style plug, they use a 2-pronged plug with a hole in place of the third prong. That prong you see in the socket fits into the hole in the plug.

  3. hey it looks good, and it must be safer than all those wires going in all directions...
    Although I had lots of plugs installed when I moved in, there's never enough of them!


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