Saturday, August 25, 2007


I don't think Sault is officially in Provence. At least it's not in the Provence Michelin Guide I have. It's a small town of 11,000 inhabitants called Saltésiens just east of the Mont Ventoux. However, the town's own website claims that it's in Provence. Marketing ? You decide.

The red field is full of poppies, and to its right is a lavender field just starting to flower.

At any rate, it's an interesting place if for nothing else the views. People have lived in the valley since prehistoric times. Sault is not far from the headwaters of the Nesque River which, just downstream, runs through some fantastic gorges. We didn't go that route on this trip (1993), but we did in 2001 and really enjoyed it.

I call this picture "Chick Peas and Asparagus."

After we descended the eastern flank of the mountain, we found our way to Sault. The town is up on a hill and looks over the neighboring valley which is full of fields of lavender, poppies, and hay. There's a nice café at one of the overlooks for a relaxing stop when the weather is good. And in Provence, the weather is frequently good.

A café and overlook on the edge of Sault.


  1. Whether in Provence or not, which has probably got to do with the price of land around there, the views are wonderful. Or maybe it's your photos ;)
    Or perhaps both!

  2. I love the chick peas and asparagus photo! Pretty good views from where y'all were at.

  3. claude, you might be right about that. If you say you're in Provence, you can ask more for your property !

    mp, thanks !


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