Monday, August 06, 2007

Views Of Bonnieux

Bonnieux is one of the Luberon's famous villages perchés, or hilltop towns, that dot the flanks of the mountain. These picturesque places offer great views of the mountains and the valleys in the region and make for nice postcards.

I think this a view of Bonnieux from its neighboring town, Lacoste.

I'm sure that Bonnieux has been photographed almost as much as the Eiffel Tower, and here's my share.

On the main street through town, at the bend of a sharp turn, there is a little general store/café. When we passed by on foot they had their stereo on blasting a U2 song (now I've forgotten which one) and it made me think of our friend Sue. I think U2 is her favorite band.

Approaching Bonnieux from the south, coming down from the Luberon itself.

Little things like that always serve to remind me that France is not Disneyland. The places we visit and ooh and ah about are real, filled (or not so filled) with real people living real lives. They put their garbage cans out on the street, drive modern cars, and listen to rock and roll. Cool, eh ?

A closer view of Bonnieux's historic hilltop.


  1. My gosh how lucky can I get. Another of my favourite places in Provence. In this village right at the top is a tiny art gallery that is run bu a terrific young couple who both paint. Well worth a visit.Several of their works grace our home.

  2. I'll wager those artists weren't there in 1993 when these photos were taken. The next time I'm in Provence, I'll have to check them out.


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