Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kitchen Collection [37]

The salt mill is one of those tools that we use intermittently. We use gros sel regularly, but usually just in cooking and it doesn't need to be ground. You just pick up a pinch or two and drop it into whatever you're cooking. But on the table I sometimes want some salt with a little more texture than sel fin but not as big as gros sel. Putting gros sel into the mill and grinding it directly onto my food gives me something in between the two : that perfect croquant quality that I'm looking for.


  1. An almost perfect squared circle ;)
    I like salt that way too.

  2. once again in awe of your kitchen equipment!

  3. claude, I strive for perfection. Not.

    reb, it's not every day that one's equipment inspires awe... :)

  4. Oh, Walt, I cannot believe you typed that!


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