Friday, August 24, 2007

Puppy Pic Of The Week

Ken posted a few photos of Callie in the vineyard yesterday, so this is a bit redundant. As many of you know, the weather has been crap for most of the summer, and this past week has been soggy and cool. Not good outdoor weather. Not good picture-taking weather.

Callie inspects a stick in the vineyard. She'll pick them up and carry them for a bit before setting them down in another place. She believes that the sticks are not particularly well arranged out there.

Pretty much the only outdoor time we're getting are the daily walks with the dog, often in the misty, murky light of dawn. Who wants to carry a camera in that ?

Still, our hopes are not dashed. The weather gurus are predicting a short run of sunny and warm days starting on Saturday. We'll see if their prediction holds. We could use a few near 80º F days. Fall is just around the corner now.

In other news, Callie is learning to catch. She can catch ropes in the air and is now mastering tennis balls. She has yet to catch a biscuit or other treat in mid-air, preferring to let them fall to the floor before pouncing on them.

Also, all catching is done from a sitting position now (that helps reinforce the sit command). Catching balls on the fly is a talent she'll have to learn later, like when we can actually play outside.


  1. Well, she's a working dog, so perhaps arranging the sticks feels like work to her. Who knows? She sure is getting big!

  2. Crappy drought here, but wouldn't you know it rained just as Lewis pulled the lawnmower out to cut our pitiful grass. The sun was still shining and the rain didn't last more than 15 minutes so the grass got cut.

    So it goes. Lewis and I are looking forward to meeting Callie soon.

  3. ginny, yes, big. But she still behaves like the pup she is.

    evelyn, see you soon !


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