Thursday, August 16, 2007

Preparing For Winter

L'hiver is on the way. There are lots of things we need to do to winterize the yard this fall, not the least of which are trimming the hedges and tilling up the garden. But most of it can wait for a couple more months.

This is the workspace where I cut and store firewood. The pile on the left is the meter-long wood that needs to be cut into thirds.

Something that can't wait is getting the firewood cut up and stacked for burning in the wood stove. If I wait too long, it will be cold and wet outside and the task will turn into a chore. I decided that this year I would start early and try to get all of the wood cut and re-stacked under the little shelter next to our driveway before we actually need to burn any of it.

These piles were outside of the shelter and covered with plastic. The pile of oak on the right is gone now, cut and stacked. The pile on the left is kindling that I'll wait to cut last.

We got the wood delivered two years ago. Since we only got the stove installed last year, we haven't used much of it at all. The wood comes in meter lengths but our stove will only take a 40 centimeter log. That means I have to cut each of the logs into three pieces to fit the stove.

This is all that remains of the oak to be cut and stacked before fall.

I got started a couple weeks ago but quickly realized that the chain on my saw was seriously dull. I went to the hardware store for a new chain and the guy said ok, but my old chain was still good, it just needed sharpening, which he would gladly do. So I got one new chain and one sharpened chain, all for the sum of six euros. I should be set for the season.

Here's the cut and stacked wood so far. Some of it will have to be split with the ax, but I'll do that as necessary over the course of the winter.

I do a little bit each day, and now I can tell I've made good progress. There's still about half to do, but it's only the middle of summer. It won't be long before the wood is all cut and stacked and we'll be set for cold weather. Like our neighbor Bernard says, petit à petit, l'oiseau fait son nid (little by little, the bird builds its nest).


  1. L'hiver is on the way? That's a sobering thought. Do you want to come winterize our yard? We never have a bit of time to spend working on the jardin, sigh...

  2. Winter is on our minds, since summer never really materialized this year. And I understand about your garden. When you spend a good part of the summer on another continent, it's hard to do yard work in France.

  3. Since we haven't seen much of summer, it must be easy to get ready for winter. This is quite an interesting post for someone who lives in the city and has not idea about anything like that.

  4. Walt, you're a lumberjack and you're OK! ;-)

  5. ginny, lol ! I sleep all night and I work all day !


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