Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hedge Status

Wednesday was a wet day, so I made no progress on the hedge. Temperatures are predicted to fall a bit now, but if it dries out I will be able to continue. Here's the progress so far:

The back hedge wraps around to the right of this photo the width of the yard. That conical bush in the back is a laurier sauce and we use the leaves in cooking. The concrete thing is the backyard barbecue.

The hedge is bay laurel, but not the edible kind. We have a very tall laurier sauce in the back, which is the edible kind, that I've also trimmed. I have to get very high up on a tall ladder to reach the top and it's a bit tricky what with the big hedge trimmer and the electric cord.

The back hedge wraps around two sides of the yard and is over six feet high. After trimming each side of the hedge, I have to attack the top from both inside the yard and outside the yard because it's over 1.5 meters wide and I can't reach across it from up on the ladder.

The portion pictured here runs along side the road and is the longest bit. You can see I've done inside and half the top. The next challenge is the outside and other half of the top. It's a pain because of the ditch out there (see this post from last year for pictures).

We're going to have to talk to the folks at the Mairie about getting that ditch filled in. Other people in the neighborhood have done it. It involves laying a drainage pipe then covering it over, and it has to be done by professionals. That means we foot the bill. But filling in that ditch would look a whole lot better and would make it much easier for me to trim the hedge.

After the back hedge is done, I have to do the front hedge. It's less long, but not by much.


  1. Looking back over some of your old posts and my memories of Les Eyzies de Tayac came flooding back. I stayed at La Combe and had the time of my life... Vida x

  2. Careful with that hedge clipper!

    Part of your laurier sauce went into yesterday's soup.

  3. vida, I'm glad you enjoyed the Dordogne photos - it's a really cool place.

    chris, wow, you still have some left, that's great!


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