Sunday, October 07, 2007

Les Sept Secrets

Well, they're not really secrets. At least not any more. I have been tagged by the Hudson Valley's own Bill Braine. Check out his most entertaining blog, exurbitude, when you can. That's WCS III and IV in the picture on the left, my dad and me, looking very stylish in our Perry Como sweaters circa 1963.

Seven little known facts about moi :
  • I'm short. I know, it's hard to tell by looking, but it's true. One meter sixty-eight. That's five feet six inches for the metrically challenged.
  • I still have one of my baby teeth. It just never fell out. The dentists have told me that the adult tooth is lying sideways in my upper gum. Lazy bastard.
  • I have a degree in architecture, but I did not become an architect. I have a degree in engineering, but I did not become an engineer. I have a degree in city planning. I DID become a city planner whose knowledge of architecture and engineering made him invincible.
  • I've read "The Lord of the Rings" seven times. I'm not sure the word "geek" shows up in there, but I haven't finished looking.
  • I am the oldest of eight children. We're all grown up now, but saying I'm the oldest of eight adults just doesn't sound right.
  • Through the combined miracles of death and divorce, I have had five grandmothers and five grandfathers. Ah, family values.
  • On official documents there are roman numerals after my name. IV, in fact. I am the fourth in a very short line of nobodies in particular.
  • Bonus fact (seems to be the fashion) : I don't like blue cheese. I hope they don't throw me out of France for that one.
There, I've done it. I know some of you out there already know some of these things. You are entitled to feel superior.

Now, up next : reb, claude, mpabner, if any of you are willing. If you've already played, then you're off the hook !


  1. I think your Dad looks like Mr. Rogers;-)

    Did you know that Ben Franklin was the youngest child of the youngest child for five generations back? And we think that first children like youself are the ones that are successful.

    I hope those grandparents spoiled you- you were a cute kid.

  2. I'm off the hook on this one as I've already done it at Vieux, c'est mieux!!
    We have quite a bit in common though! I'm one metre 68 too. Unless I've shrunk with age, which is a possibility!
    I too, still have one of my baby teeth, can you believe it?
    Finally, I am not crazy about blue cheese, I especially hate roquefort .

  3. You don't like bleu? I love cheese, but I have a terrible allergy. I need to take Lactaid type pills if I am going to eat it. I can have small amounts with little problem, but otherwise I need to "plan" when I am going to eat cheese. When to take the pill but also when I can lie down in agony and spend a couple of hours there just in case.

    They will surely deny my next VISA for this.

  4. I like most cheeses, but I'm not all that adventurous when it comes to cheese. The funny thing is that I'll try a cheese I've never wanted to try before to be polite at someone's home, then discover that I actually like it.


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