Monday, October 15, 2007

Leftovers Again

Here are a few leftover images from our walk through the magic wood last week. There are many oak trees out there and we often found ourselves crunching along paths covered in acorns. Still, there are a few nuts left on the trees.

Acorn, Bcorn, Ccorn...

These curious things (below) were a mystery until I asked one of our neighbors about them. They're plastic wine jugs, the five liter size, suspended from trees in various locations on the edge of the wood. They have cylindrical baskets attached to the bottom and they're filled with seeds. At first I thought it was poison, but it's just feed for the pheasants to keep them around until hunting day.

Bird feeder.

Most of the pheasants around here are farm raised then released in the fall for hunting. Some, of course, survive the season and become wild birds, but not in sufficient enough numbers to sustain the population.

This is the plaque that's attached to that rusty old piece of farm machinery by the log pile.

Ancenis is a town in the Loire-Atlantique department, west of here, on the Loire River between Angers and Nantes.

And, of course, you can't get away without another look at the grape leaves changing color.

This one's going from green to white.


  1. Forgot to tell you that I love your photo of the week. Great colours

  2. I love that acorn photo. Our yard is full of acorns right now and they are hitting our roof and deck like bullets.

    I'm enjoying your leftovers. I've always loved magic woods myself.

  3. claude, thanks. I took that picture on our USA trip last fall.

    evelyn, you really do have to watch out for those falling nuts. Not to mentions all the other nuts you have to watch out for. ;)


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