Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pumpkin Biscotti

One of the few successes from this year's vegetable garden was the pumpkin patch. After the first round of seeds failed to sprout, I put in a second round and up they came, albeit a little late. After a while we had six or seven vines and about eight pumpkins growing.

It turns out that I had planted two varieties. One, a very round, large pale beige pumpkin, and another smaller one that's a more reddish orange with deeper ridges (pictured above). We harvested about four of each variety.

My fist batch of pumpkin biscotti.

Since I like to make biscotti during the holiday season, Ken found this recipe at Recipes for biscotti made with pumpkin. I roasted one of our reddish pumpkins in the oven and made two batches of cookies. The rest of the flesh we used to make a pumpkin soup with smoked paprika.

I added walnuts to the recipe since I had some on hand, and I sprinkled crystal sugar on top of the dough before baking it for a little extra visual appeal.

I thought the cookies were very good, but boy, were they chewy.


  1. Forget the walnuts, what about pumpkin seeds???? That is what I will use in mine, I will copy this recipe and try it, they look delicious!!! YUM, thanks Vida x

  2. I just looked up the recipe and honestly had I seen THAT photo first I would never have given them a second glance but YOURS look so wonderful that I thought instantly I will make these. Job well done!!!! V x

  3. vida - thanks. Let me know how they turn out !

  4. I will... I found a recipe for pumpkin cake as well and if that is good I will send you the link for the recipe... Vida x


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