Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kitchen Collection [45]

When you live in France, you must eat cheese. And to eat cheese, you need knives. To cut the cheese, as it were. I will say no more.

Two of the four cheese knives in this set.

Except for this: we have many knives for cutting cheese. Those pictured here are part of a special set, given to us by a friend from Chicago who knows what good cheese cutting implements they are.

We love to use them on special occasions.


  1. Another interesting angle!
    I wouldn't have thought these were cheese knives. Cutlery, yes, as it's written, but cheese knives?

  2. Did the biscotti, but used blanched almonds (was worried the pumpkin seeds might burn) and added dried apricots, delicious, thank you!! Vida x

  3. Heh, heh. Cut the cheese. Heh.

  4. claude, yes, they're very small, each blade being only about 7 centimeters long.

    vida, that sounds delicious!

    bill, my talent for the subtle turning of a phrase has not been wasted.

  5. Love the photo.... seeing the reflections of the doors in the knife blades.... COOL! It brought back wonderful memories of time spent cutting and eating cheese aux Bouleaux! You are an awesome photographer!

  6. I have Chicago Cutlery knives too, which I brought over from the USA for my first French home in 1990! I hadn't heard of Laguiole yet..


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