Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Word Of The Week


It's happening early this year. We usually don't see le givre until late November, early December. But this year it's here in October.

It's not a lot, not the heavy variety, but we do notice it here and there when we walk the dog each morning. And Jacques Givre nips at our nose (I know that Jacques is the French equivalent of James; work with me here).

By now you've guessed that le givre is frost. Also known as les gelées d'automne. From the pre-Latin Gaulois word joivre.

If this photo looks familiar, it probably is. I posted it last December when, on Christmas Eve, we had a particularly frosty morning here at the house.


  1. pretty chilly these days, even here in Paris. Lovely photo!

  2. claude, I'm hoping for a late October warming trend.


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