Monday, October 22, 2007

Time For Nerdiness

One of the things that I have time for these days is keeping track of the temperature at our house. I don't have a fancy weather station linked to the computer, though. That would be too easy.

We do have a fancy-pants electronic thermometer with three remote sensors. One of those sensors is outside on the north side of the house, out of the sun, so we can see how warm or cold it is out there. The main unit inside the house records the current temps and the highs and lows for each sensor.

I have to read the main unit each day, write down the highs and lows and re-set it for the next day. It's become a little routine now after about three years. I put the data into a spreadsheet and have all kinds of nerdy fun with it.

Click on the image for a bigger view.

This is a chart of the median daily temperature here at our place since March 2005. For the less nerdy among you, the median is the mid-point between the high and low for each day. You can see the summer peaks (starting with 2005) and the winter valleys pretty clearly.

You may also be able to see that Winter 2007 was much warmer than the same season in 2006 and the end of 2005. The difference between Summer 2007 and the previous two years is also evident. We certainly weren't imaging our mild winter and cool summer - the data backs it up.

And so far, this October is cooler than the last two were.


  1. That is sheer dedication ;)

  2. Don't encourage me... you'll be sorry!

  3. Ok, next week's word of the week... Comment dit-on "nerd" en francais? Nerdy minds want to know.

  4. Maybe you answered that question somewhere,wcs? My dictionary says: crétin.I would say: niaiseux.
    Mais vraiment "nerd" est savoureux seulement en anglais. I love your blog. As I just arrived here end of November, I'm reading many previous entries to get to know your life in Saint-Aignan. And also Ken's. Different than dull and gray Toronto...

  5. claudia, glad you're enjoying it!


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