Friday, October 12, 2007

Puppy Pic Of The Week

A few weeks ago Ken's sister visited and got along famously with Callie. When she left for home, she left behind a pair of old socks for Callie to play with.

Callie poses with her li'l blue sock.

Well, Callie just loves these socks. They're tied together with a knot in the middle and they're great for chewing. But the best thing to do with the sock is to play tug-o-war. We're playing right now as I (try to) type this. I'll have to come back later and edit out the typos.

The socks will soon be no more, as Callie chews and rips them into oblivion. But I now have an idea for giving new purpose to all those socks of mine that have holes in them.


  1. a sock lover! Don't you have loads of orphaned socks? I do! Socks tend to go by one instead of two, once they've been in the laundry. Am I the only one?
    Cute pic of Callie

  2. Oh, that picture is adorable!

  3. Good idea for your old socks.

    Maybelle's mother never could fetch and always lost out to her daughter at tug of war. Maybelle learned to fetch at an early age- she never had to be taught. I hope it's OK to brag on my dog;-)

  4. We have lots of worn-out socks because Walt likes to walk around in his sock-feet all the time. No wonder so many socks have holes in them. Callie will have toys for years....

  5. The trick is to get her to recognize the difference between socks she's allowed to have and the ones she's not allowed to have.

    They say these dogs are smart. We'll see.


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