Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Muffins

Okay. I know the pumpkin thing is getting a little bit out of hand. But still. I've got pumpkins and I have to use them. So on Sunday, I made pumpkin muffins.

My pumpkin muffins, cooling on a rack.

The recipe is the same one I used for pumpkin bread a week ago and it worked just wonderfully in the muffin tin. I had two of these for dessert on Sunday and I'm a happy guy.

I made one dozen, froze six (so Ken can taste them when he gets home), and kept six out for munching. Yum!

Ken emailed me from Anniston, AL, where he is staying with friends for the next couple of days before going to North Carolina. They took off from CDG yesterday about 18h00 CET. He said they actually sat on the plane for two hours before takeoff, but once in the air everything was smooth. The plane wasn't even full and he and Marie had a row of three seats to themselves.

He'll probably start updating his blog before too long, but in case he doesn't, I will provide updates. He'll love that...


  1. i have left a few comments but I don't think they got posted, I'm not sure why.

    We are in the Dordogne and I have made pumpkin soup at least 4 times per week for the last 4 weeks. It is great but there are still pumpkins everywhere.

    I'm not a big muffin person, what else would you do with pumpkins?

  2. owen, I, too, do soup, but I also recently did pumpkin biscotti - there's a post in October about it with links to the recipes. Good luck!

  3. The reason the shuttles were wild and wooly at CDG on Saturday was that many international flights were cancelled and the airlines were trying to get passengers on shuttles out to the inexpensive hotel like the one I had booked. It didn't help that these passengers were unhappy foreigners who didn't know how anything was supposed to work.

    At CDG on Sunday morning, it was a complete mob scene. The only time I ever felt so hemmed in by a crowd was at the Mont Saint-Michel in summer. But Marie and I found each other. Then we stood in a crowd waiting for news about the status of our 1:30 flight from about 10:00 until 2:00. They then announced the flight was a go, and we boarded the plane at 3:30. It finally took off at 6:00 or so. After that, all was smooth, the plane was not even full, and we arrived in Atlanta about three hours late.

    As I said in a recent post, France will be France and go on strike every so often.

  4. On the news today, they said that because the flight attendants were striking, and there were "skeleton" crews on the planes, they were, by law, prohibited from filling the planes. There is supposed to be one flight attendant for every X passengers for safety reasons. So if you got on a plane during this strike, it was likely not very full.

  5. Travel these days is the pits! Returning to San Francisco from Boston earlier this month we were in a holding pattern above Modesto waiting for a gate to land, the pilot announced that we were running out of gas and had to land in Oakland to refuel. Two hours later we had gassed up and landed in San Francisco, then had to wait to get off the plane because the ramp was out of order. The pits!


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