Friday, October 26, 2007

Puppy Pic Of The Week

Last weekend Callie and I went over to the island again for our Sunday afternoon walk. We made our way to the downstream point of the island and Callie decided to jump into the river for a swim.

Well, she only went in knee-deep, so it wasn't really a swim. It was probably too cold. She waded in again when we got over to where the little beach is on the other end of the island.


  1. Border Collies seem to have more facial expressions than most other breeds. Here Callie looks bewildered- I don't think the water was exactly to her liking.

    I'm glad you've found the island for Sunday walks far away from the Sunday hunters and their guns.

  2. "Oooh!! Maybe this was not such a great idea!"

    I have had more than a few of those moments, myself.

  3. I visited some friends in Montpelier and they had a dog they called Callie. I first thought it's name was Kelly and they couldn't pronounce it but now seeing your dog's name I imagine I just couldn't hear it. It must be Callie.

    I'm going to steal some of your ideas. I am in the Dordogne and will put cute animal pictures of the week. I will put my dog but also the cows, pigs, chickens, goats, rabbits, etc that are everywhere here.

    French word of the week is good but since I am still learning French I will call it my French sentence of the week. That way I get to practice writing in French. I hope you don't mind my "borrowing".

  4. owen, I wonder if your friends' dog's name is spelled "Cali?" And, no, I don't mind you borrowing at all. I'm sure I've done that a lot myself. Can't wait to see your stuff.


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