Friday, October 05, 2007

Puppy Pic Of The Week

Here's a shot of Callie on her Sunday walk this week. She walked around the island in the Cher River at Saint Aignan. She had a great time, once she got over having to get there in the car.

She's really turning from her puppy brown to a reddish color. That's not unexpected, given that she's a "red" border collie. Her father, Vince, was very red, almost rusty in color.

I think this could turn into a regular Sunday thing for us, at least during hunting season. There are other places to go, too, not far from home. It'll help us get her used to the car.


  1. She looks so much bigger since I looked at her pictures. Her coat is beautiful

  2. mimi, she's growing up !

  3. She really looks great!


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