Monday, October 01, 2007

The Island

The Cher River moseys past Saint Aignan.

Now that it's hunting season, we're restricted to when and where we can walk on Sundays. In the morning I can get out before nine a.m. which is when the hunters show up. The afternoon is more problematic. I think the hunters finish at six, but I'm not sure. Then it starts to get dark.

One of the many garden allotments on the island.

So yesterday I put Callie in the car and drove over to the island in the Cher River between Saint Aignan and Noyers. It's a five minute drive from our house. We parked and walked around the entire little island. The municipal pool is on the island, as is a good sized park right across from town. I don't even know if the island has a name. There's no name on my map.

On the downriver end of the island are the town's allotments. These are plots of land that the people who live in town can use to grow vegetables or flowers or to just have barbecues. Some of them are pictured here. The park is on the upriver end. There were a lot people out walking, picnicking, and otherwise enjoying their Sunday afternoon.

Callie needs to get used to riding in the car. Up to now, most of her car rides have landed her at the vet's. Not pleasant. So she was very nervous during today's ride ; she didn't even want to get into the car. But she didn't have a choice.

Once out, however, she realized that we were walking and she relaxed. She didn't even need her leash for most of the walk, which made a big difference. By the end of our hour on the island, she was actually having a good time, saying bonjour to people and getting little pats, sticking her her feet in the water, and just sniffing everything.

Callie enjoying herself on a new walk.

I'll post more photos from the walk later in the week.


  1. Hi Walt,

    I'm one of Ken's friends from Urbana days, and I have to tell you how much I enjoyed your photos from the island today. And please tell Ken I hope he is feeling better. I've set the one with the old shed as the background on my office machine.

  2. Looks like a nice break from the vineyards, but how do you get to the island?

  3. bob, although we haven't met, I certainly know who you are ! Thanks for stopping by.

    conn, we get to the island over the bridge in St. Aignan. There's only one bridge, and we can drive (or walk) onto the island from there.

  4. How does Callie act when the guns go off? Windsor ducks for cover when the acorns hit the roof, I would just imagine gun shots going off all day.

  5. What a glorious place to visit... how are you not tempted by all those beautiful vegetables, I think I would carry a BIG handbag... Vida

  6. vida, I have a garden of my own, so I'm less tempted to pinch from these ! Thanks for stopping by ! :)

  7. Well that explains it all... I too, once had a garden, but we bought an apartment in St Kilda (seaside suburb of Melbourne, Australia) and now only have a few herbs so you see this is what has led me to contemplate theft... I am a good person, honestly but I miss my garden so........ Vida x

  8. mp, Callie hasn't really shown much reaction yet to the guns. But Collette, our previous dog, hated them. She'd bark or go hide.

  9. Great photos! And great job, getting Callie used to the car!


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