Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blood Sausage

I went to the market on Saturday morning to buy some blood sausage, boudin noir in French. I think the English call it black pudding. But it wasn't ordinary boudin noir that I was looking for, it was boudin antillais, or spicy blood sausage in the Caribbean style.

On the left are the soubressades, on the right are the boudins antillais, before going into the oven.

Our favorite charcutier, Doudouille, usually has some. And Mme. D. didn't disappoint yesterday. I also wanted some grilling chorizo, but she didn't have those. Instead I got a few soubressades, a spicy pork sausage that is Italian in origin, I think.

I also picked up a couple of heads of lettuce, some onions, mushrooms, and some tiny white potatoes. Don't know yet what we'll do with them, but they looked so good I couldn't resist.

Une assiette de frites.

We cooked both sausages in the oven (although the soubressades are already cooked and usually eaten cold, we heated them up anyway) and served them with mustard and frites, followed by a green salad.

Another delicious lunch.


  1. My daughters LOVE boudin noir. It seems like kind of a strange things for teenagers to be into, but there you have it...they have grown up in France, after all!

  2. I love boudin noir too, the spicy kind as well as the French kind. It's particularly good with compote de pommes and mashed potatoes!

  3. betty, claude, I didn't like it at first, but this antillais is good, so I'll have to try the regular stuff again.

  4. I have not really had the chance, or strong enough desire, to try either of the blood sausages. What type of texture do they have? What do they taste like? I can imagine that they taste like liver does - like iron. However, if they are soft, I don't know if I would care for them. I am willing to try pretty much anything, though.


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