Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fall Approaches

I know the equinox is still a few days away. Still, it's feeling a lot like fall around here right now. The harvesters are out back and the grapes are being hauled to the winery. The leaves on certain trees are turning orange and yellow, and the red maples in the front yard are dropping crunchy leaves like crazy. The mornings are clear and crisp.

The leaves on our pear tree are turning red now.

Ken is leaving today to drive Joanna and Janice up to the Mont-Saint-Michel, then on to Paris for a day before they fly out on Saturday morning. The temperatures are warming up a bit, but it's that fall kind of warm. Not hot, not cold, just plain pleasant.

The leaves need to be raked - but I like to wait until they're mostly off the tree. Just lazy.

It's been fun having guests for a few days. I haven't been doing much touring around with them because I stay home with the puppy, but we do share mealtimes ! On Tuesday I ground up some beef and we made hamburgers and french fries. Otherwise, we've been eating quiche, lasagna, cabbage, sausages, beans, and apple tarte. There are plenty of leftovers for me to finish after everyone leaves.


  1. Conn's still talking about your apple tarte- it was the best of many that we had on our trip.

    I like these equinox days a lot. The fall one is beautiful and a bit sad since we know some long dark nights are coming. The spring one is my favorite since it foretells of longer days

  2. I'm glad you all liked it ! I made another the day you left, and another for Ken's sister's visit.

  3. I spent one day yesterday near Cannes, and took a walk on the Croisette. You should have seen the beach full of people and people bathing! It didn't feel like fall then. And it was still rather warm in Paris today. Fall will be here in no time though...


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